Nigerian TV host Moet Abebe has talked about why she is still single at age 34, and guys are upset about it.

Someone who was a guest on Abebe’s most recent episode of her Bahd and Boujee podcast asked her why she is still single.

“I knew Moet six years ago when I was single.” “Why is she still not with someone?” I asked Effiong.

Abebe replied that she was not with anyone because “most men do not have sense.” She also said that guys aren’t sure what they want, which makes her confused.

“You already know that I have doubts. “I’m sick of saying this every time,” she began.

“Your gender should do more.” I don’t like guys because they don’t make sense. Men should stop putting their fingers in so many pots.

“Because I don’t understand you. That means I have the same choices. I’ve chosen to be single, but there aren’t many good choices for relationships if I did want to be in one.

Abebe said in October that she can’t go out with guys who live in Lagos’s mainland. She said they would have too many reasons not to be available for her.

In 2021, Abebe said she didn’t want to get married and called the idea a “fraud.”

Source: Dehotpress

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